Losing it

This is a new personal blog in order to document my journey on weight loss. I have decided to document this as I believe it is an important step in maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the future and to remind me of what I was I like and to never go back.

I believe I have finally got into the mindset and the drive to seriously sort out my weight and is based on a number of driving forces:

  • Being honest and frank. I am ashamed of the weight I had become and by being open about this, I will be reminded not to go back. On starting on this quest I was a dangerous 23 stone, 8 1/2 lb
  • So far, apart from intermittent back problems, I have escaped illness. I do not suffer from high blood pressure or cholesterol. No heart problems, no cancers. But if I carry on, being this weight my luck will run out.
  • I am therefore deciding to do this now, seriously,and I treat this as my last chance. If I do not do it this time, I will be obese for ever. I do not want that.
  • My girls. By being the size I am increases the risks of my girls being in increased danger of being without a dad. Morbid, depressing. But true.