Food diary geekiness

I’m writing everything I eat down again. I need to track properly as I need to ensure that I keep up my new target of losing 2lb per week for about the next 10 weeks. This will lead me up to around my 1 year anniversary of starting Slimming World. As I am a bit of a geek – I have created a spreadsheet version using google docs. The nice thing about using google is that I can share it:

What I really need to do is crack this thing of doing regular exercise. At the moment I am so busy inside and outside of work that I have little time to get to the gym. This will all change in around 4 weeks when things should calm down again – but wondering what I can do until then?

Anyway – last week I lost 3lb and got my 6 1/2 stone award and dropped down into the 16 stone category. However this week I put on 3lb and undid those two achievements in one swoop! The week I lost – I wrote everything down. The week I gained – wrote nothing (hence the plan above!!)

A few weeks ago, I am also really really chuffed that I was voted Man of the Year for our group – but I will write about that further in a dedicated blog post.


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