1lb off this week – disappointed

1lb loss this week. A bit disappointed with that to be totally honest. I knew I wouldn’t enjoy big losses through the entire time of losing weight. I just wished it wasn’t happening now!!

Last week I stayed the same. I was asked to make sure I ate lunch properly each day. That was my only target. I did really well all week (until today) and made a conscious effort to eat something everyday. Due to being so busy in work, I had started either skipping lunch or just eating a couple of pieces of fruit.

I also played 5 a side football Monday night with some colleagues from work. Had a good run around. I was hoping this would also boost a loss.

Anyway, I will keep plugging away. Will make sure I continue with eating properly lunch times and try and up my exercise further. Even though I’ve ached since the football, I will be going again next week. I’ve also been reading this book: You are Your Own Gym (Kindle Edition)   – and I’m nearly ready to start doing some of the exercise routines from it. There is an app to go with it as well, which I also hope will help – available for Apple and Android devices. I’ll let you know how I get on with them.


2 thoughts on “1lb off this week – disappointed”

  1. post the apps Matt, and well done ! – hey I have had since reaching j 9lbs off, I keep wrestling with half a pound (on and off for the last few weeks!) so have been very frustrated.. start sharing some recipes with us too if you are using them. are you doing extra easy? hoping for a loss tomorrow.. inspired by your journey!

    1. Good luck Heidi. Hope it goes well tonight. Will post some of my favourite meals, perhaps over the next couple of weeks. It is extra easy I’m doing.

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