Getting into Exercise and Body Magic


The one thing I really have struggled with is getting myself moving. I have a whole set of Slimming World Body Magic Awards that I have pretty much ignored. I realise I need to change this, and perhaps this will help getting to goal. If you think about it, I have pretty much lost 8 and a half stone (nearly! grrr!!) by just changing my eating habits. If I had exercised throughout this, then I would probably be at target by now. So, by being my normal sofa loving self, is probably my one and only regret during my time doing Slimming World.

Anyway – in true ‘Matt Style’ I have read a book about exercise and not actually doing it. I have found it very helpful. I chose this book on recommendation from a friend (Matt Rogerson), and mainly because I really need to focus on building my core strength (that’s what the doc said anyway).

I have a history of back issues, so I am always a bit nervous of over doing things. The doc said, focus on core strength to help (I have to say the weight I have lost has clearly helped. I no longer have back pains and no longer take medication for it).

The book is ‘You are your own gym’ by Mark Lauren. I have the Kindle Edition, which is great value. He also has a website that supplements the information. What is good  is the explanation behind the work outs suggested, it is about core strength, and that you don’t need any fancy equipment or expensive gym memberships – you use everyday objects and your own body to exercise and work out!

What is killer for me is the app that also exists. I always worry whether I am doing things properly and the app (for Apple and Android) has video demos of the exercises that form the workouts. The workouts from the book are also translated into workouts on the app, and you can use the app to help you carry these out and track your progress. I would say that you could buy and use the app without the book, but I did find the explanations and myth busting provided by Mark really useful.

Well, the workouts start tomorrow! Wish me luck!


On a mission


I’m still on a mission to 8 and a half stone. I am 1lb away. This has to be the most difficult award yet. I just seem to be edging towards it and getting so close, but not actually reaching it. OK, Easter didn’t help or that we went away over Easter weekend. I was pretty good, but a few ‘naughties’ were eaten!! It didn’t start well when I accidentally ordered a meal with chips, not asking for jacket potato – the first time since starting SW!!

This week I am determined. I am tracking using a food diary, trying to do a bit of movement by delivering some leaflets for the group, and making sure I’m having enough super free food. I am a little afraid that I am fussing too much.

Wednesday is going to be a nervous weigh in. Fingers crossed.

I always like to include a picture with a post, so here’s a snack that I’ve just devoured.