On a mission


I’m still on a mission to 8 and a half stone. I am 1lb away. This has to be the most difficult award yet. I just seem to be edging towards it and getting so close, but not actually reaching it. OK, Easter didn’t help or that we went away over Easter weekend. I was pretty good, but a few ‘naughties’ were eaten!! It didn’t start well when I accidentally ordered a meal with chips, not asking for jacket potato – the first time since starting SW!!

This week I am determined. I am tracking using a food diary, trying to do a bit of movement by delivering some leaflets for the group, and making sure I’m having enough super free food. I am a little afraid that I am fussing too much.

Wednesday is going to be a nervous weigh in. Fingers crossed.

I always like to include a picture with a post, so here’s a snack that I’ve just devoured.


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