Two Years on Plan


August marks the anniversary of joining Slimming World. The last year has been good, but with two major blips that have slowed me down a bit. That aside, I have continued to lose weight and have now lost 8 and a half stone.

Blip one was Christmas. I put on 12lb, but got that back off in two weeks.

Blip two was our very recent holiday to Turkey. I put on 16.5 lb in two weeks. A horrendous gain. I have lost 13lb of this in 3 weeks. Hopefully the rest will be removed this week!!

I don’t think these are indicators that I cannot live on the plan long-term. I think it proves that I cannot afford to get complacent – ever! But I’m happy with that. I find it very easy to switch the plan back on 100% and I continue to enjoy the food I eat and there is still no danger of boredom or there being a lack of variety. Far from it!!

What I am very pleased about is my fitness. I joined a gym a couple of months ago, and with the help of one of the trainers, my fitness levels are through the roof (compared to my old self!). I’ve done a couple of months of core strengthening, and CV interval training and we have just started doing weights. I’ll start writing some blog posts specifically on my gym exploits very soon.

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