Back on the Losses

Well, the hard work paid off this week. Stuck to the plan rigidly and went to the gym every day. I have to say, although I felt knackered – it was well worth it. This week I lost 2.5lb. I’m back to a 8 stone 8lb loss, and only 2lb away from getting back to my lowest weight, and I’m starting to see the shine of that 9 stone loss sticker! I was thinking of calling target at that point, but I think I’ll just see how things go for now!

After what turned out to be 9 days in a row of going to the gym, I had a well deserved rest today. Although tomorrow we have a body shocker planned! Not sure what exactly is in store for me, but should be interesting!

Staying the same, time to smash that!!

So, I’ve had three weekends that involved copious amounts of food and drink. I have stayed the same weight. Over the moon with that. I’m sure it is the gym that is balancing it out.

This week, my gym instructor has challenged me to an experiment, which is to ‘eat clean’ , stick to plan, and go to the gym EVERY DAY. Just to see what sort of impact this will have.

So far – it’s going good. I’m eating well, including my syns and writing everything down. Today will be my 5th day in a row at the gym!! I’ve never done more than every other day up to now.

Hoping I get a loss from this, and I can start making my way towards smashing my target (at last!!).

Oh, and just in case you were wondering – I have become a major gym bum!! I love the place. I never thought I would say that!! I haven’t blogged much about what I’ve been up to in the gym the past few months, but I am now really starting to feel and see the results.