The Great TV Swindle

Well after several months of getting cheesed off with Sky, I decided to take Talk Talk up on their TV offer. I had no plans to move my internet and phone for the foreseeable future so the fact that they were offering me a free YouView TV box and service for agreeing to a minimum term contract seemed like a no brainer. I also had some free power socket networking adapters and £100 cash back paid into my bank account.  I used that to get a new aerial installed.

Anyway, just 4 weeks after our Sky service stopped I had a phone call from them offering me 75% off their usual subscription. So, for just over £20 per month we are getting the full Sky service (usually around £67 per month). This is for 12 months, no minimum contract, cancel at any time, downgrade at anytime  – SWEET. Just in time for the Formula 1 season – and we still have the You View TV box, which will make its way into another room 🙂

Dr Who filming 10.03.14

Filming is ongoing at the former Bayer site in Bridgend Industrial Estate. Not much going on, but I’m sure I have seen Jenna walking back and for the factory.  I’ve also seen some plants, and some weird costume of some sort of half egg back person. My photos are terrible, so sorry about that!!

Strange costume. Some camo going on
Strange costume. Some camo going on
Jenna's back ???
Jenna’s back ???
Lovely day for some filming
Lovely day for some filming


Apple iPad Mini Smartcase

Back in November I forked out for a Smart Case for my iPad Mini. I wasn’t overly pleased because of the price, but I wanted a case that protected the iPad completely and snugly. I have had several cheap cases since I bought the iPad approx 18 months ago, and none have lived up to my expectations, hence why there has been several.

Anyway I have been really pleased with the quality of the case up until now. A small part of the case split where there is a hole for the lightening connector. However, I have just visited the Cardiff Apple Store to explain my woes and it was replaced with no quibble at all. I didn’t really have to produce a receipt, but was told it would help.

So, ok the quality has been great, apart from the split, but it may be worth paying the premium if you know that you are going to get excellent customer service. It has also lasted longer than any of the other cases I have previously bought.


Tough gym session 7th March 14

Woah! That was a tough session. Started back on weights this week after concentrating on cardio ready for the run last week. However, today I felt like having a short, sharp, cardio blast, so that what my gym instructor, Kierra, did with me.

Today I pushed my self to the max, and I felt it. I had to stop at one point as I had such as strange feeling and couldn’t catch my breath. I soon recovered and finished off the session. The entire workout was only 30 min including cool down, but it’s nice in a strange way to push to the limit and get it over and done with.

This think this is what I did (!!) :

Warm up – 10 min Arc trainer

30 sec sprint
6 press ups or 12 sissy press ups
20 kettlebell swings

30 second sprint
6 press ups or 12 sissy press ups
20 inverted half sit-ups

30 sec sprint
12 sissy press ups
12 sumo squats with kettlebell raises

30 sec sprint
12 sissy press ups
20 inverted sit ups (10 as approx 1 inch crunch)

30 sec sprint
12 sissy press ups
20 inverted sit ups (1 inch crunch)

60 sec sprint
(It’s this point I had to stop and gather my self !)
20 kettlebell swings
20 inverted sit-ups (1 inch crunches)

Cool down – walk on treadmill

There was definitely 30 bicep curls and 30 tricep kickbacks in there somewhere as well!

Feeling good that I pushed so hard – and survived (just about! )

Dr Who Filming, Bridgend. Update – Photos

Some photos of production trucks at the former Bayer site. Not a lot of activity. Some lighting trucks are reversed into what was goods in/out and the stores.

Around the other side of the factory there is a lot of boarding etc around what I think used to be the boiler room and part of the canteen area.


Update: I have improved the image sizes to provide more detail.


Phillips Airfryer

My new health gadget arrived yesterday, a Phillips Airfryer. I’m hoping this will unleash a whole new range of meal ideas in order to give the weight loss a final shove that it needs.

The Airfryer is part of a product category that has emerged based on using little oil and circulating hot air to get results as if the food we’re deep fried, but much healthier.

Other similar products include the Tefal Actifry range. The gadget show have done a comparison test previously and based on this and also on the recommendation of friends, I decided to try out the Phillips offering.

I’ll report some results once I’ve used it.


Dr Who Filming, Bridgend Industrial Estate

It looks like Dr Who is back on location in Bridgend. They appear to be fiiming in the old Bayer Factory unit. It will be interesting to see this on screen as I spent around 18 months whizzing around that place in a fork lift truck for one of my first jobs!!

I’ll try and get some snaps later on, didn’t have my phone with me earlier as I was visiting my gym, which is nearby. Here is Google Street views’ image of t he location 


St Davids’ Day 10K Run – result confirmed

As you may be aware, I ran my first race last Sunday and I have now had the result confirmed. I forgot to stop my own timing as I was too busy trying to breath in and out!!

My result can be found by clicking here:

I’m a little disappointed that I ran it in 1 hour 6 mins, a minute slower than on my practice runs. However, I’m not going to beat myself up about 1 minute, and I am sure I can improve on this.

I found the race tougher than my practice runs, and this may sound daft, but I think it is because the course was too flat and I had got used to training on a course that was quite hilly. What I had become accustomed to is  some downhill running after a demanding uphill section. The downhill was allowing me to recover enough to continue on with the next stages of the run.

As the actual run was pretty much flat and therefore constant, with no ‘resting’ downhill sections, this affected my performance.  I also sprinted a bit too early at the end, which drained me short of the finish line, but its all experience I can learn from.  I did however run, without break or stopping / walking.

Putting things into perspective, I am chuffed at what I have achieved, particularly as I couldn’t run a few metres 6 months ago and I was 23 and a half stone 3 years ago.  I have also raised approx £165 for Cancer Research Wales (you can still donate here: )

I am now looking at registering for the Cardiff Half Marathon in October!!

After the race – I think my face says it all!!