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This week, as are many others, I am starting ALT’s OCTEL open learning course. I’ve signed up to a few ‘MOOCS’ in the past and have only got part way through until the dramas of life got in the way. When I was engaging with them, I learned a great deal, so I suppose if one objective of such courses is the flexibility to take what you want from them, then they were a success on a personal level, even though I did not fully complete them in the wider sense.

I signed up to last years’ OCTEL, but work and life got in the way more than ever and the sheer volume of messages flowing through the mailing list felt overwhelming, even for a technology hardcore like myself.

Anyway, this year, the course looks more refined and I am looking forward to completing it entirely. As I signed up for CMALT in February, I am also pleased that it is possible to use this as a vehicle to help achieve it. Double whammy!!

Also, in true TEL style, I intend making a good start tomorrow, on my ipad, as I travel to London on Megabus.


2 thoughts on “Starting #OCTEL”

  1. hi Matt, I agree completely that “success” in a MOOC is defined by you and based on your own learning goals and even incidental learning that you might not have even planned. Some courses allow you to feel good about doing that more than others – I ignore the others 🙂

    Looking forward to learning with you – I am also a bit overwhelmed by the amount of email I’m getting from ocTEL but have changed my settings and also decided not to subscribe to forums because that’s overwhelming as well!

    I’m still trying to figure out what this coveted CMALT thing is 😉 maybe it’s a UK centric thing? Will it get me free entry into ALT conferences (which I hear are great but overpriced)? haha

    1. Hi there! Unfortunately, CMALT won’t get you into the conference for free, I’m not aware of that anyway. It is a Certified Membership of ALT. You build a portfolio covering a number of criteria. You can then use “CMALT” alongside your other honours after your name :-). It has to be completed within 6 months. There are blank google site templates out there that can be used as a structure of a portfolio, which have been shared by previous candidates.

      There’s a group on the OCTEL site for CMALT, it’s worth joining that too.

      I look forward to learning with you too. This is going to be an excellent few weeks.

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