Bad Habits (and getting rid of them).

I have really struggled recently. Despite the achievements I have attained, I have started to slip into old habits. The weight has been piling back on, and its all down to a lack of discipline and willpower. I’ve also been taking a break from Slimming World classes. I thought I could manage this myself. But I can’t.

Tomorrow, I’ll be back at the Slimming World class and will start off, as I did previously, by being open and honest about my weight and eating habits.

I always said  I would never go back to the way I was, but over the past few weeks, months,  even year, I have slipped back into bad habits. This has seen my weight creep from a low of 15 stone to knocking on the door of 18 stone again. I had a loss of 8.5 stone. Now it is looking closer to 5.5 stone.

So, here is to another new start. This time, there is no stopping until I get back to at least 15 stone. I’ll be updating regularly and sharing my successes and mishaps. Hopefully this will help me on my way.

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