Back in class. Back on Track

As I wrote yesterday, I re-joined my Slimming World class tonight. I am now where I feared – 17 stone 13lb. I’ve put on 1 stone and 1/2 lb since my last visit approximately 10 weeks ago and I have a net loss of 5 stone 9 1/2 . Considering I got down to 15 stone, ¬†and a net loss of 8.5 stone, this is awful. But I know what I have to do.

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I’ve had a final blow out today in the form of a full on Subway binge. I have it all out of my system and ready to go again.

I may give it a few days to get my head back into the eating before I hit the gym again, but will definitely start again soon. After all the Silverstone Half Marathon in March is fast approaching!!!!

Wish me luck (I need it) !!!


2 thoughts on “Back in class. Back on Track”

  1. Hi Matt, I know exactly how you feel and how easy it is to slide. I’m back on the straight and narrow myself after 6 months of denial. If you need somebody to kick you up the arse I’m willing to oblige – Russell

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