Has Apple masterminded a marketing stroke of genius?

April 3rd 2010. The day the first generation iPad launched and set alight a new product category that every other major electronics, software, even retail companies have sought to get a slice of.

However, has Apple pulled off and masterminded a stroke of genius by using the ipad to suck consumers into their technology ecosystem, which has never been as popular in the mass market enjoyed by hardware running Microsoft Windows. Over the past few years, many consumers have put off a desktop or laptop purchase in favour of their cousin, the tablet computer.

In many ways more portable, easy to use, more affordable etc etc. However, they have never been as functional as a fully formed computer system. This has led to a level of criticism of the product category, particularly ipads, due to their lack of standard ports such as USB, HDMI etc.

However, the ipad would also have been many consumers first experience of Apple. Now, a few years down the line, many of the consumers who put off their desktop purchase in favour of a tablet, are back in the market for that purchase. And guess what? I bet they immediately look at the ipad’s cousins the imac or macbook. In fact if you look at the difference between the pricing of a high end ipad and a low end macbook, there is very little difference. Thus, wouldn’t it be worth buying a fully functional laptop rather than getting a second, less functional ipad?

I feel, therefore, that Apple has pulled off a massive feat of pulling consumers into their technology ecosystem. Tablet sales are slowing, and Apple has started tying their devices together with features such as Handoff, which is rather an impressive way of bringing your range of ios devices closer to your Mac OS devices.


….more thoughts to follow as my thinking surrounding this continues (included some sources to potentially back up my ‘hunch’!)

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