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Marvel Cinematic Universe

Wow, its been a long time since my last proper blog post. So let’s make a fresh start!!

I’ve been struggling to get into Agents of Shield. Tried really hard and watched the first few episodes a number of times. I’ve also found it difficult to watch CAptain America. Not sure what it is, just not that partial to that film.

Everything else Marvel Studios has released is epic. I really could watch the three Iron Man movies time and time again, as well as Thor, and certainly Guardians of the Galaxy will get a hammering when it comes out on Blu Ray at the end of the month. In fact, Guardians is my favourite to date!!!

So, in a quest to finally watch Captain America and get into Agents of Shield I have decided to watch the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe in Chronological order (rather than order of release). This includes a number of “Marvel One Shots” and post credit scenes.

I have to say, it is helping. Following the list that I sourced from this website, I am about to watch Iron Man 3 before embarking on Agents of Shield. Hopefully, having freshly watched all of the lead up releases, this will help. I hope!!!

Click here for the Marvel Cinematic Time Line 


The Order of Star Wars

Today I thought about the new Star War Episode VII film. When Disney bought the franchise and then announced new films, I was a bit skeptical . Now, I am actually starting to look forward to it. Particularly due to original cast being involved and JJ Abrams, who’s films etc I love.  I’m not a Star Trek fan, but I love his re-boot of that franchise, so the new Star Wars film seems to be getting tastier!

Every so often I will watch all six films. However, I have to watch it in the order of release rather than continuity of story – it just wouldn’t be right the start on the Phantom Menace.  So I watch IV, V, VI then I, II, III.

Does anyone else stick to this rule? I couldn’t watch it in any other sequence!!