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Wii Fit Board Scales Hack

My home weighing scales are my worst enemy. For starters, I tend to get on them too much. Secondly, they were only cheap scales, bought a few years ago and have always been temperamental and vary in difference to the scales at Slimming World all the time. This makes them difficult to believe.

I know I shouldn’t weigh at home, but it is tempting to jump on the scales, just to see how I am getting on during the week.

So, i’ve thought about getting new scales that would hopefully be more reliable and accurate. In typical gadget minded style, I’ve considered buying the Withings Body Analyzer. It hooks up to your ipad / ipod / iphone etc and measures several things such as weight, fat %, heart rate even CO2 levels in the room. However, at £129, I think that is rather excessive for a scale. So, I got thinking.

I have a Wii Fit board, which like many others’, is gathering dust. I also have the Wii, but don’t want the effort of connecting it back up to the TV and having to wait for it to boot etc every time I want to use it to weigh (I am hoping it would be more reliable than my scales).

A brief bit of searching online brought up a great piece of software for Mac called WiiScale . I haven’t found anything for PC yet.

Its a great little app, easy to set up. Pairs effortlessly with the Wii Board and looks like the weight measurement is fairly accurate. You can set up multiple users, and based on weight, it will automatically detect which user is standing on the scale. You can tap in additional details such as height so that it calculates BMI.

It saves your weight in a spreadsheet and you can also set it up to tweet the result (if you want to do that!!)


Tough gym session 7th March 14

Woah! That was a tough session. Started back on weights this week after concentrating on cardio ready for the run last week. However, today I felt like having a short, sharp, cardio blast, so that what my gym instructor, Kierra, did with me.

Today I pushed my self to the max, and I felt it. I had to stop at one point as I had such as strange feeling and couldn’t catch my breath. I soon recovered and finished off the session. The entire workout was only 30 min including cool down, but it’s nice in a strange way to push to the limit and get it over and done with.

This think this is what I did (!!) :

Warm up – 10 min Arc trainer

30 sec sprint
6 press ups or 12 sissy press ups
20 kettlebell swings

30 second sprint
6 press ups or 12 sissy press ups
20 inverted half sit-ups

30 sec sprint
12 sissy press ups
12 sumo squats with kettlebell raises

30 sec sprint
12 sissy press ups
20 inverted sit ups (10 as approx 1 inch crunch)

30 sec sprint
12 sissy press ups
20 inverted sit ups (1 inch crunch)

60 sec sprint
(It’s this point I had to stop and gather my self !)
20 kettlebell swings
20 inverted sit-ups (1 inch crunches)

Cool down – walk on treadmill

There was definitely 30 bicep curls and 30 tricep kickbacks in there somewhere as well!

Feeling good that I pushed so hard – and survived (just about! )

Phillips Airfryer

My new health gadget arrived yesterday, a Phillips Airfryer. I’m hoping this will unleash a whole new range of meal ideas in order to give the weight loss a final shove that it needs.

The Airfryer is part of a product category that has emerged based on using little oil and circulating hot air to get results as if the food we’re deep fried, but much healthier.

Other similar products include the Tefal Actifry range. The gadget show have done a comparison test previously and based on this and also on the recommendation of friends, I decided to try out the Phillips offering.

I’ll report some results once I’ve used it.


St Davids’ Day 10K Run – result confirmed

As you may be aware, I ran my first race last Sunday and I have now had the result confirmed. I forgot to stop my own timing as I was too busy trying to breath in and out!!

My result can be found by clicking here:

I’m a little disappointed that I ran it in 1 hour 6 mins, a minute slower than on my practice runs. However, I’m not going to beat myself up about 1 minute, and I am sure I can improve on this.

I found the race tougher than my practice runs, and this may sound daft, but I think it is because the course was too flat and I had got used to training on a course that was quite hilly. What I had become accustomed to is  some downhill running after a demanding uphill section. The downhill was allowing me to recover enough to continue on with the next stages of the run.

As the actual run was pretty much flat and therefore constant, with no ‘resting’ downhill sections, this affected my performance.  I also sprinted a bit too early at the end, which drained me short of the finish line, but its all experience I can learn from.  I did however run, without break or stopping / walking.

Putting things into perspective, I am chuffed at what I have achieved, particularly as I couldn’t run a few metres 6 months ago and I was 23 and a half stone 3 years ago.  I have also raised approx £165 for Cancer Research Wales (you can still donate here: )

I am now looking at registering for the Cardiff Half Marathon in October!!

After the race – I think my face says it all!!


Wearable Tech

I’m feeling quite lucky at the moment. Why? Well, as per usual, when I get into something, I usually look at how technology can help refine and enhance.  When I went into education, it was more than obvious that I would specialise in learning technology.  I am now into exercise and fitness and have always looked at how some apps could help me out.

Having recently invested in some new running trainers, which happened to Nike+ enabled, I have become interested in wearable tech and how this can help track, monitor, refine and enhance what I am doing.

I think I have chosen a fantastic time as the technology news is bubbling with rumours that Apple are up to something that will be more than an ‘iWatch’ but will be closely linked to health monitoring.

I was considering investing in a Nike Fuelband, but a bit of research has led me to identify other tech and gadgets that are really intriguing and quite sexy, such as the Misfit Wearables Shine activity monitor. I may even hold off to see what the Apple rumours come up with, as I am sure it will be something pretty neat!!


Giving Blood for the First Time

I gave blood for the first time today. I have to say, I was very impressed with the whole process. The staff are friendly, they explain everything clearly and make you feel so relaxed.

I really, don’t know why i haven’t done this before as there really was no pain. Didn’t feel a thing, and it was over in no time.

I had some black current squash and a penguin chocolate bard afterwards.

I’m already looking forward to my next donation – I have to wait 12 weeks.

Seriously, though, please consider giving blood, if I can do it (and you are talking about someone who hides behind a pillow watching Casualty), anyone can!

Giving Blood