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Update 16.08.12 – 1lb off this week, despite a couple of hurdles

A mixed week once again. Really put the spanner in the works last Thursday – only fell off the wagon and had a Chinese takeaway. There was a reason for this, but I was a bit disappointed how easily I succumbed to the idea of a takeaway, whereas a while ago I would have resisted. The option was take-away or no food as my daughter had gone out with the key to out outhouse – where the freezer with most of our main ingredients is!! I suppose a better option would have been to go out and get some ingredients for a meal, but when there is an easy excuse for a take away – you know what happens!!!

Anyway, straightaway, a week that could have been straight forward turned into immediate damage limitation. On the advice of my fellow Slimming Worlders, I treated it as a ‘flexi day’ and got on with the week – sticking 100% to the plan.

Then, I woke up Monday morning feeling “off form”. I went to work regardless – our new campus in Ebbw Vale was opening and I was due to have some training on some new equipment ready to train other staff. This training was confirmed as delayed, which was lucky as I took a turn for the worse and had to leave work. This then knocked my eating right out as I slept from lunch time Monday for the rest of the day and I was rather erratic Tuesday.

I decided to go and quickly weigh on Tuesday night, just to get it out of the way. I didn’t really feel like it, but had to! I lost a pound. I was a little dissapointed, but a loss is a loss and I’ll take that any day. I suppose I’m more dissapointed that a very straightforward week turned into a nightmare.

I was back in work today, hoping that my routine would return, but just didn’t feel like eating lunch, which isn’t good. Will try hard to tomorrow to get back to 3 meals a day!



Update 08.08.12 – Half pound gain

Well this week I put on half a pound. I would have preferred to have stayed the same as last time, but i was really trying to undo previous damage this past week. As I mentioned in my last blog post, I have had a tough July, particularly the last couple of weeks. However, I have been on the plan 100% since last Wednesday. I think this has really helped hide an even bigger gain. Although my home scales are variable in their accuracy, last Wednesday they were saying that I had gained 9lb. This morning they were showing I was still 2lb. I didn’t weigh on them after class to see what the variation was – but this changes all the time so I can go by my home scales too much. Anyway – it does show that I have probably got the best out of a bad situation.

The aim for the next week is to keep on it 100% again, try and do even more swimming, and start getting those losses in. I’ve put a target of 2lb for this week, but secretly would like a little more than that to give me a good boost.

Progress to Date: 7 stone 1.5lb loss



12 Month Round-up

Well, its 12 months since I started Slimming World, and what a year it has been! If you had told me that in 12 months that I would have lost this much weight, I would have laughed. However, it has happened and I can’t believe that I finally feel I am in control of my weight and my health.

The icing has been taken off slightly as I’ve had a tough July. I really thought I had lost my way and started to see some bad habits creep back in. During July I had my smallest loss – overall a loss of 1.5lb. Usually I would lose around half a stone. The damage may be even worse when I weigh this week after being on leave and away down West Wales for a few days. However, I have been back on the plan 100% since coming back from holiday. This has helped dismiss my greatest fear which was that I could no longer stick to it 100% – but I can, and I hope that this will give me a boost I need. Everyone is human and I suppose I needed a bit of a ‘blowout’ which has consisted of a couple of BBQ’s, take aways, meals out and a few too many beers (and toffee vodka one night!!!).

Although July is sticking in my mind, I have to think about what I have done over the 12 months and the result, here’s a run down of the key stats!!!:

  • Starting weight 23 stone, 8.5lb
  • Current Weight 16 stone, 6.5lb
  • Starting BMI: 48.71
  • Current BMI: 33.94
  • Total Loss: 7 stone 2 lb
  • That’s 100 lb – the same weight as a hellfire missile!! lol
  • Starting waist size: 52″
  • Current waist size: 40″

Losses through the year:

Aug: 21.5lb
Sep: 8.5lb
Oct: 10lb
Nov: 12.5lb
Dec: 8.5lb
Jan: 10lb
Feb: 11.5lb
Mar: 5.5lb
Apr: 9.5lb
May: 8lb
Jun: 8lb
Jul: 1.5lb

(balanced out by a few gains – 100lb in total)

Man of the Year

A couple of months ago I was also very humbled to win the Man of the Year Award for the group I attend (Bryntirion). Here’s a pic taken by my consultant Jayne with a ‘before’ pic:

Strangely enough – this was the first time I had seen a full length photo of myself and it surprised me how different my shape had changed.

Group Support

I have to say the group I attend is so supportive. Our consultant is brilliant, not just in the advice and guidance, but also in terms of nurturing the group into being such a supportive group of people inside and outside of class. The Facebook page is really well used and really helps spur myself, and many others on. If anyone is considering the plan, then attending and staying in class is essential. I haven’t stayed as often as I should recently due to work, and have only failed to weigh once this year (last week!!) – and this may be part of the slow down in July.


Work is interesting. I work for a large, multi-campus College and it could be months between seeing people face to face and losing weight so quickly has had some interesting results at work. It is really nice that people notice – it spurs me on even more. Some colleagues don’t recognise me at first!! I have to say I have a lot more energy at work and seem to be able to think more clearly. I also feel that my confidence has grown immensely.


I used to hate shopping. Mainly because there was nothing I could buy. I have been restricted to using a catalogue for ‘larger men’ to buy clothes for so many years. Helen (my partner – who incidentally has lost 3 stone on the plan) now laughs as I disappear in any shop to the mens section to have a browse. Its so nice, and I can now pick up a bargain!! I can’t believe that I can walk into most high street stores and buy clothes that fit. A big confidence booster once again.


We go to West Wales quite often and it used to depress me when we’d go out and I’d look around and realise that I was the largest person in the room. Now, I blend in nicely!!! Actually took my top off at the beach last week!! One great feeling last week was a visit to Oakwood Theme Park. The last time I went to a theme park was in 2008. I was leaving my last job and decided to take my students to Thorpe Park as a farewell day out. It was a nice day in itself, but personally I took a hit as I was asked to leave several rides due to my size. I was only actually allowed to go on one roller coaster, and that was because it had a special seat. So embarrassing and soul destroying. Last week at Oakwood – I went on every ride (several times!!) with plenty of room to spare – had a great day out with my girls!! What a change in quality of life and being to enjoy a day out!!!

As a treat and a proper reward (as well as an extra motivator), we have now booked to return to one of our favourite destinations – Icmeler in Turkey. By then I am hoping I will be at target ready to hit the sun and sea big time!!!


Well, as I mentioned, my partner has also had a successful year at Slimming World. We feel so much healthier. I also feel I can enjoy life with my daughters much more (as our day out at Oakwood showed!!). My parents are also very proud of what I have done, as are other members of my family. I think it is clear that I was a dangerous weight and size and I suppose it is a relief to those around me that I have finally managed to sort myself out.

What’s Next?

Well ideally its to get back on track. I need to get back to my aim of losing on average 2lb per week. I want to lose another 3 stone to make my total loss 10 stone – and I can obviously get this cracked quite soon if I can get this pace going again.

One thing I certainly need to do is get exercising. All of my weight loss to date is down to just changing eating habits – if I can get the exercise cracked I am sure the last bit of weight loss will happen – plus it will help tone and shape me better!! I have started swimming again, but my problem is keeping it going and regular. I also have to look after my back, and my doctor has told me to strengthen my core. Once I work out what that means – I’ll work on it!!!! Any tips, very welcome!!

Anyway, a bit of a mammoth blog post – I will try and update it more regular from now on and also provide some links to excellent resources that I have found helpful.



Food diary geekiness

I’m writing everything I eat down again. I need to track properly as I need to ensure that I keep up my new target of losing 2lb per week for about the next 10 weeks. This will lead me up to around my 1 year anniversary of starting Slimming World. As I am a bit of a geek – I have created a spreadsheet version using google docs. The nice thing about using google is that I can share it:

What I really need to do is crack this thing of doing regular exercise. At the moment I am so busy inside and outside of work that I have little time to get to the gym. This will all change in around 4 weeks when things should calm down again – but wondering what I can do until then?

Anyway – last week I lost 3lb and got my 6 1/2 stone award and dropped down into the 16 stone category. However this week I put on 3lb and undid those two achievements in one swoop! The week I lost – I wrote everything down. The week I gained – wrote nothing (hence the plan above!!)

A few weeks ago, I am also really really chuffed that I was voted Man of the Year for our group – but I will write about that further in a dedicated blog post.


6 Stone and counting

I haven’t updated this blog in a while, mainly due to lack of time, but I have hit a rather massive personal milestone – 6 stone loss. I’ve been a little up and down around this figure for the past few weeks, but I am now starting on the exercise in order to get going for a push to 7 stone (and maybe 8!!).

Anyway, a few weeks ago I caused a bit of a stir by posting an old photo of myself on Facebook. People couldn’t believe it was the same person. I’m also getting loads of comments from people I haven’t seen in a while. Its really nice, as it gives me that boost to keep me going.

Anyway – here is the photo I posted, along with a more recent one!!

Jan 2011me now


Progress 30th November

Ok, I haven’t updated this blog as much as I’d like. Mainly due to time. However, my progress has been good. Well, in fact, its been better than that!

I’m around 17/18 weeks into the plan now, and last Wednesday I hit a whopping 50lb loss and got a 3 1/2 stone award.

Even better, if I lose just 1lb tonight I will slip past a personal milestone. I will be below 20 stone. This has been a target that has evaded my efforts for years. I just hope I can do it.

I am feeling so much better in myself already. Its also really nice that everyone is noticing!! I’m not a vain person, but when someone stops you and comments on losing weight, it gives me such a boost. It also spurs me on further and acts as a motivator not to slip back.

So here goes – fingers crossed for tonight.

Losing it

This is a new personal blog in order to document my journey on weight loss. I have decided to document this as I believe it is an important step in maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the future and to remind me of what I was I like and to never go back.

I believe I have finally got into the mindset and the drive to seriously sort out my weight and is based on a number of driving forces:

  • Being honest and frank. I am ashamed of the weight I had become and by being open about this, I will be reminded not to go back. On starting on this quest I was a dangerous 23 stone, 8 1/2 lb
  • So far, apart from intermittent back problems, I have escaped illness. I do not suffer from high blood pressure or cholesterol. No heart problems, no cancers. But if I carry on, being this weight my luck will run out.
  • I am therefore deciding to do this now, seriously,and I treat this as my last chance. If I do not do it this time, I will be obese for ever. I do not want that.
  • My girls. By being the size I am increases the risks of my girls being in increased danger of being without a dad. Morbid, depressing. But true.