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Back online

Well I changed a few options on my hosting and ended up taking down all my personal websites yesterday. Oops. Anyway, my hosting company have restored to a back-up all during New Years too, awesome!

I’ve lost some content, such as my ‘Fat Mat Returns’ post. I won’t bother trying to replicate it in its entirety, but it basically described how I have put on over 3 stone in the last year, and from the New Year I’m on a mission to target. Thankfully, I had plenty of people who have now given me the requested kick up the arse!


It has been a while!!

It has been a while since my last post. I’ve been through a lot the past few months, which I’m not going to go into, but I am starting to feel back on form. This is also being reflected in my eating and exercise.

I piled on the pounds (12 to be exact!) over the Christmas period and have shed 8.5 of these already. Most importantly, I am feeling back in the zone in terms of my eating. I am hoping that this year I will get to target.

The exercise and fitness is going well. I’ve been up and down, but starting to feel really positive towards it again. My fitness level is raised and I am seeing positive changes in my physique. Yesterday I had the best run on the treadmill ever  (10k) and earlier in the week my best run out on the roads (5k)  (which I’m finding is a completely different experience to running in the gym!!) .

Just after 10K on the treadmill
Just after 10K on the treadmill

Back on the Losses

Well, the hard work paid off this week. Stuck to the plan rigidly and went to the gym every day. I have to say, although I felt knackered – it was well worth it. This week I lost 2.5lb. I’m back to a 8 stone 8lb loss, and only 2lb away from getting back to my lowest weight, and I’m starting to see the shine of that 9 stone loss sticker! I was thinking of calling target at that point, but I think I’ll just see how things go for now!

After what turned out to be 9 days in a row of going to the gym, I had a well deserved rest today. Although tomorrow we have a body shocker planned! Not sure what exactly is in store for me, but should be interesting!

Staying the same, time to smash that!!

So, I’ve had three weekends that involved copious amounts of food and drink. I have stayed the same weight. Over the moon with that. I’m sure it is the gym that is balancing it out.

This week, my gym instructor has challenged me to an experiment, which is to ‘eat clean’ , stick to plan, and go to the gym EVERY DAY. Just to see what sort of impact this will have.

So far – it’s going good. I’m eating well, including my syns and writing everything down. Today will be my 5th day in a row at the gym!! I’ve never done more than every other day up to now.

Hoping I get a loss from this, and I can start making my way towards smashing my target (at last!!).

Oh, and just in case you were wondering – I have become a major gym bum!! I love the place. I never thought I would say that!! I haven’t blogged much about what I’ve been up to in the gym the past few months, but I am now really starting to feel and see the results.

Planning to survive Reading 2013!

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Weigh in was last night and I lost half a pound. As I usually say at this point, a loss is better than nothing or gain, but I do wish it was more. I have shed a stone of the weight I put on during the holiday and edging towards my all time low weight. I’m looking forward to that so i can start pressing towards my final target again. However, this weekend will not help!

I didn’t stay in group as I had to get straight to the gym. I don’t usually go on a Tuesday evening. However, this week, I am venturing off to the Reading Festival, which has knocked my routine around a bit, so I’m trying to get in as many gym sessions as I can before we leave this evening. I have another session booked in for this afternoon.

So, I am now looking at how I survive the festival. Drinking isn’t going to be a problem, as I am taking my daughter. However, the food is going to be tricky. Usually based on grabbing some sort of greasy snack from a burger van. However, I will be packing some saviours to help me by. Some of the free foods that I will be taking with me are mugshots, low fat super noodles, various super rice, Asda Lamb Tagine, Asda Chickpea Dhal, beans, tomatoes etc. Most of the stuff is canned or dried as we are camping. The really tricky thing will be getting enough super free food. I haven’t worked that one out yet. I am sure I will have the odd bad snack over the weekend, but I will be working hard when we get back to balance this out.

Two Years on Plan


August marks the anniversary of joining Slimming World. The last year has been good, but with two major blips that have slowed me down a bit. That aside, I have continued to lose weight and have now lost 8 and a half stone.

Blip one was Christmas. I put on 12lb, but got that back off in two weeks.

Blip two was our very recent holiday to Turkey. I put on 16.5 lb in two weeks. A horrendous gain. I have lost 13lb of this in 3 weeks. Hopefully the rest will be removed this week!!

I don’t think these are indicators that I cannot live on the plan long-term. I think it proves that I cannot afford to get complacent – ever! But I’m happy with that. I find it very easy to switch the plan back on 100% and I continue to enjoy the food I eat and there is still no danger of boredom or there being a lack of variety. Far from it!!

What I am very pleased about is my fitness. I joined a gym a couple of months ago, and with the help of one of the trainers, my fitness levels are through the roof (compared to my old self!). I’ve done a couple of months of core strengthening, and CV interval training and we have just started doing weights. I’ll start writing some blog posts specifically on my gym exploits very soon.

Getting into Exercise and Body Magic


The one thing I really have struggled with is getting myself moving. I have a whole set of Slimming World Body Magic Awards that I have pretty much ignored. I realise I need to change this, and perhaps this will help getting to goal. If you think about it, I have pretty much lost 8 and a half stone (nearly! grrr!!) by just changing my eating habits. If I had exercised throughout this, then I would probably be at target by now. So, by being my normal sofa loving self, is probably my one and only regret during my time doing Slimming World.

Anyway – in true ‘Matt Style’ I have read a book about exercise and not actually doing it. I have found it very helpful. I chose this book on recommendation from a friend (Matt Rogerson), and mainly because I really need to focus on building my core strength (that’s what the doc said anyway).

I have a history of back issues, so I am always a bit nervous of over doing things. The doc said, focus on core strength to help (I have to say the weight I have lost has clearly helped. I no longer have back pains and no longer take medication for it).

The book is ‘You are your own gym’ by Mark Lauren. I have the Kindle Edition, which is great value. He also has a website that supplements the information. What is good  is the explanation behind the work outs suggested, it is about core strength, and that you don’t need any fancy equipment or expensive gym memberships – you use everyday objects and your own body to exercise and work out!

What is killer for me is the app that also exists. I always worry whether I am doing things properly and the app (for Apple and Android) has video demos of the exercises that form the workouts. The workouts from the book are also translated into workouts on the app, and you can use the app to help you carry these out and track your progress. I would say that you could buy and use the app without the book, but I did find the explanations and myth busting provided by Mark really useful.

Well, the workouts start tomorrow! Wish me luck!


On a mission


I’m still on a mission to 8 and a half stone. I am 1lb away. This has to be the most difficult award yet. I just seem to be edging towards it and getting so close, but not actually reaching it. OK, Easter didn’t help or that we went away over Easter weekend. I was pretty good, but a few ‘naughties’ were eaten!! It didn’t start well when I accidentally ordered a meal with chips, not asking for jacket potato – the first time since starting SW!!

This week I am determined. I am tracking using a food diary, trying to do a bit of movement by delivering some leaflets for the group, and making sure I’m having enough super free food. I am a little afraid that I am fussing too much.

Wednesday is going to be a nervous weigh in. Fingers crossed.

I always like to include a picture with a post, so here’s a snack that I’ve just devoured.


1lb loss – happy with that one after last weekend

This week I lost 1lb, and I’m actually happy with that, even though I was disappointed with the same loss last week. Thing is, considering the weekend, I’ll take it! I wasn’t really bad, but I had a few more beers than I planned, plus some other bits.

I’m back in the swing of eating lunch, so I suppose that’s helping.

So far then I’ve lost 8 stone 5 1/2 lb, so the aim this week is to get 1 1/2 lb to get my 8 1/2 stone award.

Ive also worked out that I have 17 weeks until holiday. So, I need to lose 1.5lb per week to get to target by then. Doesn’t seem so daunting now!

In homage, to last weekend, here’s a great piece of dirt writing on a lorry I saw on the A449 this week, what a game!


1lb off this week – disappointed

1lb loss this week. A bit disappointed with that to be totally honest. I knew I wouldn’t enjoy big losses through the entire time of losing weight. I just wished it wasn’t happening now!!

Last week I stayed the same. I was asked to make sure I ate lunch properly each day. That was my only target. I did really well all week (until today) and made a conscious effort to eat something everyday. Due to being so busy in work, I had started either skipping lunch or just eating a couple of pieces of fruit.

I also played 5 a side football Monday night with some colleagues from work. Had a good run around. I was hoping this would also boost a loss.

Anyway, I will keep plugging away. Will make sure I continue with eating properly lunch times and try and up my exercise further. Even though I’ve ached since the football, I will be going again next week. I’ve also been reading this book: You are Your Own Gym (Kindle Edition)   – and I’m nearly ready to start doing some of the exercise routines from it. There is an app to go with it as well, which I also hope will help – available for Apple and Android devices. I’ll let you know how I get on with them.