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Can you spot Christmas?

Well, can anyone spot my Christmas wobble? I piled on a massive 12lb in around 2 weeks. I knew it was bad a week in, and it got worse! Well, I did have a good Christmas, but slipped into some bad habits. I also didn’t listen to my own advice to stay away from the Guinness!

However, after New Year I was straight back on it and lost the 12lb within another two weeks, which has given me new drive. I do think about the fact that I had that loss without the gain, I’d be staring at a 9 stone loss. However, I also think that without the gain, I wouldn’t have pulled my socks up and focused again, so in a way it was good in the long run.

Anyway, with a couple of smaller losses I lost 13.5lb in January and by total surprise I won slimmer of the month, something I haven’t achieved for a long time.

This week has been a bit dodgy again do I’m not expecting much at weigh in tomorrow, at best, if I stay the same I’ll be happy. Next week though I want to get my 8.5 stone award, so its knuckle down time again!