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  1. Hi Matt, I have started following this plan online in the last week to try and lose my last stone. I have a couple of queries if you don’t mind. feel it helps to be regimented with a diary and is one of the reasons I have started it along with still being able to eat huge amounts of free foods 🙂

    1. what do the (1/3) and (2/3) represent regards the free and super free foods?
    2. Why do you have one muller yoghurt down as a free food and another as syns, I thought all Muller light yoghurts are free, is it because you have had two in a day?

    Really appreciate your time, feel free to ignore me if you don’t have the time.


    1. No problem Matt – here’s some explanation – I’m not an expert, but this is how I interpret it!

      With the extra easy plan which I follow (there is also the red and green plans) – you need to ensure that at meal times 1/3 of your plate is super free food and the other 2/3 are free foods.

      Some muller lights have syns in them – not all of them are free. The ones with a cherry underlay have syns, smooth toffee for example has none. If you are following the plan online – log into the Slimming World website and there is a syn tool that allows you to search brands etc for syns. This will show you which are and aren’t free of syns.

      Hope this helps – and good luck – I’m sure you’d have no problem in shifting this weight with the amount of exercise you get up to!!


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