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Planning to survive Reading 2013!

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Weigh in was last night and I lost half a pound. As I usually say at this point, a loss is better than nothing or gain, but I do wish it was more. I have shed a stone of the weight I put on during the holiday and edging towards my all time low weight. I’m looking forward to that so i can start pressing towards my final target again. However, this weekend will not help!

I didn’t stay in group as I had to get straight to the gym. I don’t usually go on a Tuesday evening. However, this week, I am venturing off to the Reading Festival, which has knocked my routine around a bit, so I’m trying to get in as many gym sessions as I can before we leave this evening. I have another session booked in for this afternoon.

So, I am now looking at how I survive the festival. Drinking isn’t going to be a problem, as I am taking my daughter. However, the food is going to be tricky. Usually based on grabbing some sort of greasy snack from a burger van. However, I will be packing some saviours to help me by. Some of the free foods that I will be taking with me are mugshots, low fat super noodles, various super rice, Asda Lamb Tagine, Asda Chickpea Dhal, beans, tomatoes etc. Most of the stuff is canned or dried as we are camping. The really tricky thing will be getting enough super free food. I haven’t worked that one out yet. I am sure I will have the odd bad snack over the weekend, but I will be working hard when we get back to balance this out.