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Apple iPad Mini Smartcase

Back in November I forked out for a Smart Case for my iPad Mini. I wasn’t overly pleased because of the price, but I wanted a case that protected the iPad completely and snugly. I have had several cheap cases since I bought the iPad approx 18 months ago, and none have lived up to my expectations, hence why there has been several.

Anyway I have been really pleased with the quality of the case up until now. A small part of the case split where there is a hole for the lightening connector. However, I have just visited the Cardiff Apple Store to explain my woes and it was replaced with no quibble at all. I didn’t really have to produce a receipt, but was told it would help.

So, ok the quality has been great, apart from the split, but it may be worth paying the premium if you know that you are going to get excellent customer service. It has also lasted longer than any of the other cases I have previously bought.