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St Davids’ Day 10K Run – result confirmed

As you may be aware, I ran my first race last Sunday and I have now had the result confirmed. I forgot to stop my own timing as I was too busy trying to breath in and out!!

My result can be found by clicking here: http://goo.gl/gr27B0

I’m a little disappointed that I ran it in 1 hour 6 mins, a minute slower than on my practice runs. However, I’m not going to beat myself up about 1 minute, and I am sure I can improve on this.

I found the race tougher than my practice runs, and this may sound daft, but I think it is because the course was too flat and I had got used to training on a course that was quite hilly. What I had become accustomed to is  some downhill running after a demanding uphill section. The downhill was allowing me to recover enough to continue on with the next stages of the run.

As the actual run was pretty much flat and therefore constant, with no ‘resting’ downhill sections, this affected my performance.  I also sprinted a bit too early at the end, which drained me short of the finish line, but its all experience I can learn from.  I did however run, without break or stopping / walking.

Putting things into perspective, I am chuffed at what I have achieved, particularly as I couldn’t run a few metres 6 months ago and I was 23 and a half stone 3 years ago.  I have also raised approx £165 for Cancer Research Wales (you can still donate here: http://goo.gl/MfnypP )

I am now looking at registering for the Cardiff Half Marathon in October!!

After the race – I think my face says it all!!


Countdown to the St Davids’ Day 10K Run

Its just over a week until my first race, St Davids’ Day 10K . I’m feeling in good form. This past week, I haven’t felt so fit, which is a nice feeling to have.

The plan for the next week is to balance enough training without overdoing it. Here is the plan that I have worked out with my trainer at First Class Gym.

Sunday: 10KM road run

Monday: 2-3KM road run

Tuesday: 10KM road run

Wednesday: Rest Day (going to the Dr Who Experience, Cardiff Bay – woop!)

Thursday: Gym session – sprints

Friday: Gym Session – sprints

Saturday: Rest Day

Sunday: Race Day 10KM

If you would like to sponsor me, you can do so here: