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The Wales Centre for Professional Teacher and Trainer Education

Today,  I had a slot at Wales’ Learning Technology Forum in Llandrindod. It was a brief look at my own personal transition from a learning technology role in FE to one in HE, the similarities and differences of both sectors that I have experienced to date and some of the important challenges and developments that face the current organisation that I work for.

I ended the slot with an observation and a thought for colleagues involved in education, across all sectors, to chew over.

I now work for a a centre which gets its core funding from Welsh Government to provide Professional Education to the Pharmacy workforce living or working in Wales. As far as I am aware, I have so far observed that there is similar provision for Medics, Dental, Optometry etc. I do not know whether these are directly Welsh Government funded and I have probably drastically over-simplified the set up!!

However, if healthcare professionals have centres dedicated to developing and maintaining the standards across their respective professions, then shouldn’t the workforce dedicated to educating our nation also have the same. Teachers, trainers, classroom assistants, all ages, sectors etc etc.

Surely this would mean the best chance of a consistent level and quality of continuing professional development in the Education sector, across the whole sector and allow particular national priorities to be addressed in rapid fashion.  It could be an answer to finally stepping up the game in how we use technology to enhance learning, or best practice in Essential Skills education, safeguarding, digital literacy,  etc etc.

Just putting it out there, as Seth Godin would say, just Poking the Box, to see what comes back 🙂 .



The Order of Star Wars

Today I thought about the new Star War Episode VII film. When Disney bought the franchise and then announced new films, I was a bit skeptical . Now, I am actually starting to look forward to it. Particularly due to original cast being involved and JJ Abrams, who’s films etc I love.  I’m not a Star Trek fan, but I love his re-boot of that franchise, so the new Star Wars film seems to be getting tastier!

Every so often I will watch all six films. However, I have to watch it in the order of release rather than continuity of story – it just wouldn’t be right the start on the Phantom Menace.  So I watch IV, V, VI then I, II, III.

Does anyone else stick to this rule? I couldn’t watch it in any other sequence!!