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Under Pressure

For the first time since embarking on my weight loss, I am feeling under pressure. I think part of my success is that I haven’t had much at all until now.

Looking back over the last couple of months, with some major gains and losses over Christmas and January, I have only really lost 3lb overall since last November.We are going on holiday in July and I am determined to go away feeling comfortable with myself.

However, the months are passing by very quickly. We are nearly in March and I am starting to feel anxious that I won’t get there in time.

So, some great advice from group tonight and some small changes are needed to better my chances:

1. Write everything down – I always do better when I’m keeping a food diary, which I haven’t done for a while

2. I’ve started sprinkling a bit of cheese on food. Not a crime, but I should at least me measuring, calculating the syns and recording this. The food diary will help keep track of this

3. I’ve started being a little lax with my lunch. Rather than eating properly, I’ve been grabbing some fruit and only eating that. This needs to change and its a signal of old bad habits where I wouldn’t eat anything all day due to being too busy. So, its proper lunch from tomorrow.

I am 3.5lb away from my 8 and a half stone award, so I am going to try and do that this week. I’m hoping that will give me the boost I need.

I am still struggling to fit any exercise in. I’m hoping that I can crack this soon. I have to. I need to, but just feel so tired at the moment.