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The Great TV Swindle

Well after several months of getting cheesed off with Sky, I decided to take Talk Talk up on their TV offer. I had no plans to move my internet and phone for the foreseeable future so the fact that they were offering me a free YouView TV box and service for agreeing to a minimum term contract seemed like a no brainer. I also had some free power socket networking adapters and £100 cash back paid into my bank account.  I used that to get a new aerial installed.

Anyway, just 4 weeks after our Sky service stopped I had a phone call from them offering me 75% off their usual subscription. So, for just over £20 per month we are getting the full Sky service (usually around £67 per month). This is for 12 months, no minimum contract, cancel at any time, downgrade at anytime  – SWEET. Just in time for the Formula 1 season – and we still have the You View TV box, which will make its way into another room 🙂