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It has been a while!!

It has been a while since my last post. I’ve been through a lot the past few months, which I’m not going to go into, but I am starting to feel back on form. This is also being reflected in my eating and exercise.

I piled on the pounds (12 to be exact!) over the Christmas period and have shed 8.5 of these already. Most importantly, I am feeling back in the zone in terms of my eating. I am hoping that this year I will get to target.

The exercise and fitness is going well. I’ve been up and down, but starting to feel really positive towards it again. My fitness level is raised and I am seeing positive changes in my physique. Yesterday I had the best run on the treadmill ever  (10k) and earlier in the week my best run out on the roads (5k)  (which I’m finding is a completely different experience to running in the gym!!) .

Just after 10K on the treadmill
Just after 10K on the treadmill

1lb loss – happy with that one after last weekend

This week I lost 1lb, and I’m actually happy with that, even though I was disappointed with the same loss last week. Thing is, considering the weekend, I’ll take it! I wasn’t really bad, but I had a few more beers than I planned, plus some other bits.

I’m back in the swing of eating lunch, so I suppose that’s helping.

So far then I’ve lost 8 stone 5 1/2 lb, so the aim this week is to get 1 1/2 lb to get my 8 1/2 stone award.

Ive also worked out that I have 17 weeks until holiday. So, I need to lose 1.5lb per week to get to target by then. Doesn’t seem so daunting now!

In homage, to last weekend, here’s a great piece of dirt writing on a lorry I saw on the A449 this week, what a game!


1lb off this week – disappointed

1lb loss this week. A bit disappointed with that to be totally honest. I knew I wouldn’t enjoy big losses through the entire time of losing weight. I just wished it wasn’t happening now!!

Last week I stayed the same. I was asked to make sure I ate lunch properly each day. That was my only target. I did really well all week (until today) and made a conscious effort to eat something everyday. Due to being so busy in work, I had started either skipping lunch or just eating a couple of pieces of fruit.

I also played 5 a side football Monday night with some colleagues from work. Had a good run around. I was hoping this would also boost a loss.

Anyway, I will keep plugging away. Will make sure I continue with eating properly lunch times and try and up my exercise further. Even though I’ve ached since the football, I will be going again next week. I’ve also been reading this book: You are Your Own Gym (Kindle Edition)   – and I’m nearly ready to start doing some of the exercise routines from it. There is an app to go with it as well, which I also hope will help – available for Apple and Android devices. I’ll let you know how I get on with them.


Under Pressure

For the first time since embarking on my weight loss, I am feeling under pressure. I think part of my success is that I haven’t had much at all until now.

Looking back over the last couple of months, with some major gains and losses over Christmas and January, I have only really lost 3lb overall since last November.We are going on holiday in July and I am determined to go away feeling comfortable with myself.

However, the months are passing by very quickly. We are nearly in March and I am starting to feel anxious that I won’t get there in time.

So, some great advice from group tonight and some small changes are needed to better my chances:

1. Write everything down – I always do better when I’m keeping a food diary, which I haven’t done for a while

2. I’ve started sprinkling a bit of cheese on food. Not a crime, but I should at least me measuring, calculating the syns and recording this. The food diary will help keep track of this

3. I’ve started being a little lax with my lunch. Rather than eating properly, I’ve been grabbing some fruit and only eating that. This needs to change and its a signal of old bad habits where I wouldn’t eat anything all day due to being too busy. So, its proper lunch from tomorrow.

I am 3.5lb away from my 8 and a half stone award, so I am going to try and do that this week. I’m hoping that will give me the boost I need.

I am still struggling to fit any exercise in. I’m hoping that I can crack this soon. I have to. I need to, but just feel so tired at the moment.

Target Set

This week I feel back on track. I weighed in on Wednesday and lost 2lb. I’m more than happy with that. In fact before my recent wobble that was my simple aim. My next milestone is just in sight – 7 and a half stone is just 2.5lb away and I’m going to try and do it this week. What I also like about my half stone milestones is that my stone bracket change is just round the corner after that, so it’s another one to go for the following week. My next stone change will be down into the 15s and will be my 8th stone change. It’s totally unbelievable.

Anyway, I feel much better about things than I have for several weeks, so much so that I have decided to set my final target. I’ve set it at 13 stone 8lb. This will mean that I am looking to lose 10 stone and half a pound in total. I didn’t really expect to be good enough to lose more than a few stone, so the fact that I could end up at that weight blows my mind!!! I don’t think I’ve ever been that weight. I’m sure I skipped over 13stone during the teenage years!!

It gives me a little bit of leeway if I want to go down closer to 13 stone later on. But I think that may be too much!!!